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Setup by two former elite triathletes and best friends with 22 yrs triathlon experience & 30 international pro starts between them, and joined by our likeminded, experienced and successful coaches.

We know first hand what it takes to succeed mentally and physically and together our background allows for a more pragmatic and effective approach to training. Triathlon is a very individual sport. Everyone has different strengths, reacts to training differently and handles the high volume load triathlon brings differently  Add to this the maze of contradicting information and suddenly it makes your triathlon journey a minefield.

We are your personal coach in your pocket. You will receive individual training plans that are specific to your physical, mental and social needs. Whatever your situation we want to make sure you are doing the most efficient training with your valuable time.  

We strongly believe that a coach should not just be someone who sets your training. Regardless of your age, ability or goals we are available 24/7 for support and advice

Our biggest accolade is our own experience, all having started triathlon as complete novices, we coached and managed ourselves to professional level. Now we want to pass this hard earned information onto you to save you time and get you to reach your goals faster. 

This is so much more than a sport. By helping you on your journey to your goals, we hope you can experience the other side of endurance sport which moulds you into a better person and helps you find a healthy life balance.

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