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Anthony Haynes

Anthony has been training since he was 15, representing Great Britain through the junior ranks and eventually racing elite in European cups and for French Grand Prix team Lievin.

Now Anthony has moved to longer distances, racing AG ironman and ultramarathons alongside his day job as a builder



  • Degree in sports science

  • BTF coaching qualification

  • 5th Elite u23 World duathlon champs '19

  • 1st Huntsman half '22    (4:01:08)

  • 1st overall AG IM Austria '22    (8:48:14)

  • Multiple IM world championships qualifications

  • 6th Isle of Wight Ultramarathon '21

  • 5km : 14:55

  • 400m swim : 4:18


Oskar de schynkel

Oskar started triathlon in 2015. He soon found himself racing for Belgium in European cups as well as a dutch and Italian team in their respective leagues. 

Since then he's moved to longer distances, competing in multiple AG ironman and ultramarathons alongside his day job as a software engineer.



  • BTF coaching qualification 

  • Sports massage qualification 

  • 2nd AG IM Hamburg '23 (8:43:02)

  • 1st Brighton Sprint '19

  • 3rd Huntsman half '22    (4:14:38)

  • Multiple IM world championships qualifications

  • Isle of Wight ultra '21

  • 9th The lap ultra '22

  • 5km :15:42

  • 400m swim : 4:38


Jack Troake

Jack entered his first triathlon when he was 17, but it wasn’t until he completed his first Ironman in 2019 that he really caught the bug. 

Four years later, and with two more Ironmans and three 70.3s under his belt, he couldn’t imagine life without triathlon. 

Jack balances his training and coaching around his full time job and is targeting Kona in 2024. 



  • 1st overall AG IM Portugal '23 (08:36:47)

  • 1st overall AG IM Frankfurt '22 (08:34:05)

  • 2nd AG IM Hamburg '21 (08:39:55)

  • 2nd Huntsman half '22    (4:04:02)

  • 10th AG and 23rd Overall '23 Half Ironman world championships

  • Multiple IM world championships qualifications

  • Marathon : 2:35:59

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